Paola Petrobelli

’24' was developed in collaboration with Gallery Libby Sellers in London.

Each lamp in the series consists of 4 moulded geometric forms designed to perfectly stack.

All sections are hand blown in Venice, each in a different colour, some are transparent and some are non-see-through made with “incamiciato” glass.

Each layer of one stacked lamp can be reordered and swapped to create 24 different compositions.

The versatile lamps further the process of creativity, continuing beyond the original creator to the owner of the chosen elements, encouraging the collector to explore together with Petrobelli the themes of shape, colour and composition.

Characteristically for Petrobelli, ’24' is defined by strict formal qualities blurring the lines between art and design.

The lamps were first presented during COLLECT 2013, the International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects, and have since travelled the world, from multiple fairs to the living rooms of collectors.

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